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Makita Family

Makita Family
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1. To view galleries click on the image thumbnail to enter shopping area not the text. Image viewing size will vary dependant on your screen resolution settings. Videos cannot be previewed on the site.

2. Digital image and video files have size options, please choose based on your preferred usage. All products are high resolution.

3. You can request a family album which contains your children's solo galleries and also group routines to place a single order.

4. Size selection must be applied to every item in the cart. Items showing $0 next to them will not be processed.

5. Single Routine 6x9 Digital Image Pack means you will receive all the images in 1 solo or duo routine. To buy a routine pack, choose 1 image from the routine you want and select the pack option in the price list.

6. All orders are secure digital delivery which requires a charge of $3 for orders with videos to cover large files sending services and data.

7. All images and videos are custom edited so if you have any cropping, lighten or darken, audio, video camera mix requests please write them into the additional instructions box in the cart area.

8. Add the Discount picture to the cart to see discount options available. Make sure your order contains the number of items that matches the discount option selected or your order will not be processed.

9. Our site does not provide instant download after payment, orders go into a queue for office processing including security checks, item checks, editing and secure IP delivery. Please allow approx. 4 weeks for delivery from the date you order.

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